Family Pack Twenty-Eight

This just has to be the most economical way to buy top notch meat.

Designed for a family of four - lots of meals from this box from 28 Princes St

Here is our selection for the next wee while!

1) A Boneless Stuffed Chicken Roast

2) 4 Salt & Pepper Pork Steaks for Frying or Grilling.

3) 4 Award Winning Steak Burgers

4) A Freshly Baked Steak Mince Round

5) 4 Scotch Pies

6) 1lb (455g) Beef Ham ( Quick Fry Minute Steak)

7) A Ham Joint around 2lb in weight

All can freeze perfectly!

(some items might be changed due to availability but this rarely happens)

Check the picture of the Stuffed Chicken Roasts - it slices down so easily

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