Drew's Best Ever Sixty Quid Box

This was the challenge presented to Drew. Design a Meat Pack that you would be able to sell at £60. It should have variety plus every bit of meat in it should be totally fantastic. Drew thought long and hard and eventually came up with this offering. Everything is prepared with skill, passion, love and attention!

4 Classic Sirloin Steaks for Frying or Grilling - cut from the very finest Scotch Beef that has been extra matured. Each Steak weighs over 180g. Perfect for Steak Frite! These Tender Steaks will cook in seconds!

4 Award Winning QuarterPound Steakburgers - Winner three years in a row at the Scottish Q Guild Barbeque Championships. A very lean Burger and full of succulent flavour!

4 Chicken Supremes - The Boneless Breasts of great tasting British Chicken (with just that wee bit of wing bone attached). The skin is still on - that's the best tasting bit and awesome when fried but can be easily pulled off if not required. Ideal for Balmorals or Kievs. Real Chicken with texture and Flavour!

A Pound of the Greatest Tasting Steak Mince - 455g of Minced Steak taken from the Rib End of the Shoulder. The perfect lean to fat ratio! More Flavour than you'd know what to do with! You'll never make a Bolognese with anything else ever again!

The Best Mixed Grill Ever - designed to serve two big eaters. The ultimate taster tray! Fillet Steaks, Lamb Loins, Chicken Fillet, Bacon Steaks, Fruit and Black Pudding! Serve with chips. A Carnivoric Feast! … and if that's not a word it should be! Extra Special! You might even get an extra Pork Sausage as well!

There is at least 18 Meals in this box. The absolute highest quality guaranteed!

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