Grace’s Malawi Burger


A Beefburger inspired by the flavours of Malawi - a mild fruity curry - designed by our own Grace Lynch.

Grace has been part of our team for a couple of years now. She works on a Saturday and during the holidays. She is at St Stephen’s High School.

Grace has been selected to go and work in Malawi for a year. Working with children and young people and living among them. For her part she has to raise £7000 to cover things. This is where you can help. All money raised from the sale of these Burgers goes straight to Grace. It is only a Fiver for Four or - and you will like this - for £25 you will get 8 Malawi Burgers and when Grace is in Malawi she will write to you and let you know how things are going - a real letter - not an email!

And as for the Burgers - they taste really great!

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