The Amazing Popeseye Special

This is our best deal ever!

All cut from the one extra matured Rump of Beef!

4 x 250g Centre Cut Popeseye Steaks  - Classic Steaks for Frying or Grilling - that’s them on the left!

4 Medallions of Beef (500g) cut from the Eye of the Popeseye - incredibly versatile - that’s them in the centre!

4 Picanha Rump Steaks (500g)  - from the top of the Popeseye - these are the perfect steak for Steak Frite - a couple of these and some thin chips - flash fry in seconds - that’s them on the right!

So that’s 2kg of the absolute finest matured Beef Steak - usual price is £56 -                                                 I 

On sale now at £49.99 - but you must order them now!

Will not be repeated any time soon!

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