Scotch Beef Taster Box

A fine selection of prime matured Scotch Beef.

Each box contains:-

A 2lb (910g) piece of Lean Roasting Beef - this will be either from the topside of the silverside, it will be easy to cook and will slice perfectly.                                      

 2 (200g) Centre Cut Sirloin Steaks- very tender and full of flavour.                

 2 (200g) Rib Eye Steaks  - the butcher's steak.                                                  

 2 (200g) Popeseye Steaks- always extra matured, always great.                    

2 x 1lb (455g) The finest Steak Mince- very lean with no gristly bits.                    

2 x 1lb (455g)  Lean Diced Rump Steak- for pies or casseroles.  

All this for only £99.99. A big saving on normal retail prices. Every piece cut by craftsmen. Really superb value!


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